Economic Justice

Our economy cannot work if it doesn’t work for everyone. We need the government to support policies that support workers and families by making sure they have the flexibility to care for themselves and their children, the resources to support their family, and housing to keep them secure. This means raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, establishing paid family leave, and enacting fair housing reform to end unfair housing practices.
“If you don’t support a living wage, you’re supporting a dying wage. People should never have to choose between whether to have heat, or be able to eat.”

Healthcare Justice

Pennsylvanians everywhere struggle with the cost of healthcare and access to quality services, but for those of us living in rural communities these issues are made worse by longer emergency response times and a lack of resources to handle the most critical medical issues. Furthermore, the right to medical privacy on decisions being made within a household are under attack. We are facing obstacles to the affordability and accessibility of healthcare services and need solutions to these issues. We must ensure an improved quality of life in our community.

"Accessible healthcare is a right, plain and simple. No one should have to choose between filling their shopping cart or filling their prescriptions."

Criminal Justice and Police Reform

Our criminal justice system is broken. We are breaking up families for non-violent offenses, we put people in no-win situations where they struggle to improve, and our law enforcement lacks the accountability necessary to build trust and make our communities safer.

“As legislators and citizens, we need to not only decriminalize mental health and substance abuse, but also humanize it by making it a public health concern, not a criminal issue."

Environmental Justice

The climate crisis is one of the largest threats humanity faces. Without immediate action by our government, we face a future of extreme weather and political upheaval. Pennsylvania must be a leader in rebuilding our economy to preserve the environment without leaving those who depend on the old infrastructure for jobs.

“With environmental legislation, we need to get out of legislating like it is 1990
in order for us to make it to 2090.”

Campaign, Election, and Legislative Reform

Our Democratic process is resilient, but it is not invincible. The past few years have proven that there are forces both within our country, and outside of it, that are attacking our ability to have our voices heard.
We need real reforms focused on protecting our right to vote, increasing transparency in our government, eliminating the dark-money that floods our campaigns every year, and stopping politicians from spending lobbyist cash on personal luxuries.

“Our government should be choosing the people over politics and corporate interests, every single time. I will advocate not only to govern for you, but with you for a better tomorrow.”

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