By: Robert Zeigler

MORE TRANSPARENCY NEEDED FROM CORMAN I want to thank Senator Corman for pushing for transparency with expenditures within the Senate. It only took him over 20 years of being in office to accomplish this feat. In that 20-plus years he’s wracked up a lot that he needs to be transparent about, such as his ties to an organization called Growth and Opportunity Fund Inc, operated by his campaign manager Ray Zaborney, who doubles as a lobbyist. He should fully disclose all of the support he gets from corporate PACs, including the fossil fuel companies and telecommunication companies in his pocket. He should share all of his campaign expenditures to highlight the thousands spent on “gifts.” He should be transparent with all of the gifts he has received as a member of the Corman Dynasty. If Corman is serious about transparency, he must disclose all of his financial involvements relating to politics, not just his expenditures. But he won’t do this. Corporate PAC money and gifts need to be banned from our state to prevent politicians from being bought. There needs to be a freeze on legislators becoming lobbyists to eliminate industry favoritism. There needs to be actual substantive anti-corruption legislation in Harrisburg that prevents corporate cronyism, industry favoritism, and an unwillingness to commit to constituents and their interests. Corman can’t commit to what is needed to substantively drain the swamp because it favors him. To my knowledge, his seat is meant for the people, people like you and me, not for corporate cronyism.


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