Tell GOP Leadership to Support Everyday People

By: Robert Zeigler

With rising costs and increasing inequality, families are struggling and need support to have some breathing room and financial stability.

            Recently, a bill to address that situation has gone to committee, PA HB 2531 (and PA SB 1204). This bill, calling for the administration of a Pennsylvania Opportunity Program, will spend some of the American Rescue Plan money that we already have to give $2000 directly to families with an income of less than $80,000.

            This program would act in a similar fashion as the Federal stimulus did during COVID, which will help ensure financial stability for families to help offset increasing costs. Receiving stimulus payments directly is the best way to spur economic growth and recovery, as well as eliminate bureaucratic red tape. This type of measure is well supported between voters regardless of political affiliation.

            We have American Rescue Plan funds that the state GOP is hoarding in the treasury, when it should be used to help Pennsylvanians cope with rising inflation. Why won’t GOP leadership get tax dollars back into the hands of regular everyday folks when we need it most? Why is this bill sitting in committee? Contact Majority Leader Benninghoff, since his job is to bring bills to the floor to vote, demanding he work to pass this bill and help out the Pennsylvanians he is supposed to represent.