True Fiscal Responsibility Isn’t A Conservative Value

By: Robert Zeigler

Unsubstantiated claims and disinformation have no place in politics, but unfortunately this political season has fallen victim to both. As a voter, it’s infuriating when politicians make claims that do not align with what they claim to stand for or with their votes on legislation. We are now in a time where Republican leaders claim to be fiscally responsible when the opposite is the truth as evidenced by their own actions, or more appropriately, inactions. Let us discuss fiscal responsibility.

            Members of GOP leadership in Pennsylvania are quick to blame Democrats for their concerns about inflation. They point to the rising costs of products like gas, chicken, and produce that are hitting everyday Americans as something that Democrats are deliberately doing. While inflation is undeniable, approximately half of it is being caused by corporate profiteering. Republican leaders are very apt to ignore that in the last two to three quarters, many corporations in the food, fuel, and medical industries have reported having their most profitable quarters ever back to back (

            Furthermore, Pennsylvania GOP leaders baselessly claim that proposed budgets will lead to deficits in the future. The more we invest in education and infrastructure, the more revenue our state generates, based on our current $4.5 billion surplus in the budget. GOP leaders continue to hammer the point that it would be “fiscally irresponsible” to continue to spend money to directly help Americans. Despite their tenacity for this issue, they give into the multiple Democratic Party proposals for expenditures, such as increased funding for education, higher minimum wages, more education for healthcare, fixing our roads and bridges, and expanding broadband to all Pennsylvanians because they benefit from these changes too.

            Inflation causes the buying power of money to decline over time. GOP leadership, by not allocating more funds during last year’s budgetary session, have directly cost Pennsylvanians the ability to fix more roads and to give schools the proper funding to enter the new year stronger than ever before. If GOP Leaders were actually concerned about the “fiscally responsible thing to do”, they would invest heavily in education and infrastructure, as these are two entities that have proven to bring a higher return on investment in our GDP than any other government expenditure. If GOP Leaders were fiscally responsible, they would invest in Pennsylvanians and their communities IMMEDIATELY, and they would pay special attention to rural areas where the gap in infrastructure continues to grow. The political party of fiscal responsibility for Pennsylvania has been and continues to be the Democratic Party.

            When the time comes, consider this and vote for a Do-Something Democrat like myself.