PRESS RELEASE: Zeigler Supports Educational Funding Lawsuit Against PA GOP Leadership


For Immediate Release
Contact: Erin Wise

Millheim, PA – Robert Zeigler, Democratic Candidate for Pennsylvania State Senate in the 34th District, supports the fair funding for education lawsuit brought against the leadership of the PA Legislature. Our Pennsylvania Constitution states: “The General Assembly shall provide for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of public education to serve the needs of the Commonwealth.”

Our state’s investment in public schools, our investment in our children and the leaders of tomorrow, is inadequate. We typically rank in the bottom 5 out of all the states within our great nation and Pennsylvanians deserve better. We should be leaders when it comes to investing into our society and those who will lead it tomorrow.

Many Republicans and special interest groups say that our state is one of the largest spenders on a per student basis. Such a statement deflects attention from the burden that property tax places at a local level, especially for those in rural and economically poorer areas. The lack of state funding has forced many school districts to regularly raise local property taxes, which affects the farmers in rural areas, small business owners throughout the commonwealth, and veterans who came back home after doing their duty. State funding can help ease this local burden, and the gross negligence of the Republican leadership with their lack of investing in our future, whether it be education or infrastructure, has placed an unnecessary burden on the regular working person.

Republican leadership prefers to sit on over $7 billion in federal dollars instead of addressing this issue and investing in your future. Democrats are the ones putting people first by investing in your children and we are working for a better tomorrow. What have Republican leaders done for you and your children lately