A Working-Class Candidate for Pennsylvania

A Working-Class Candidate for Pennsylvania

"I believe that the commonality we all have, wanting to create a better community for our kids and our neighbor’s kids, will help us move forward as a society. I think we all generally agree that we need to reimagine some things, reinvest in our society, and renew what we stand for. Regardless of our views, I hope you will be ready to build with me for a better tomorrow."
- Robert Zeigler, Millheim Borough Councilman
My Platform

My Platform

The basic premise of each aspect of my platform relies on what I call the ART Program for rural PA.

Accountability – All aspects of my plan have some sort of accountability rolled into it whether it be the program, plan, or the responsible party (likely applicable public servant)

Responsibility – All aspects of my plans have responsibility to a cause or citizens of the commonwealth.

Transparency – All aspects are as open, upfront, and the concept of trust is established through this avenue.

We could use a little more ART in Harrisburg.

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