A Working-Class Candidate for Recorder of Deeds in Centre County

A Working-Class Candidate for Recorder of Deeds in Centre County

"I have worked hard at getting results from my actions. It is from my work in the private sector that I knew what to do: go above and beyond with my work ethic to provide great service, anticipate the needs of those you serve, doing what is right, and following through. I have taken that mind set to the public sector, serving on the Millheim Borough Council to get results for our residents, ranging from getting broadband access to rural areas, to advocating for our employees, and cutting taxes for residents while reducing debt. Providing great service leads to great public service, which leads to good governance."
- Robert Zeigler, Millheim Borough Councilman

My Platform

Modernize – We need to modernize and streamline processes with the Recorder of Deeds office to save citizens money and, their most valuable asset, time.

Outreach - We need to offer more outreach to rural areas to ensure they are getting the services they need with their tax dollars.

People - We need to prioritize putting people first and making their experience with the office a painless and frictionless one.

We need change with the Recorder of Deeds office, MOP up its leadership to create that change and make it shine!

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