Robert Zeigler Announces Candidacy for Centre County Recorder of Deeds

Robert Zeigler Announces Candidacy for Centre County Recorder of Deeds

By: Geoff Rushton

A Millheim Borough council member is running for a Centre County row office in this year’s election.

Democrat Robert Zeigler on Wednesday announced his candidacy for recorder of deeds, vowing to bring a “fresh perspective” to the office through modernization, transparency and accountability.

“The people of Centre County know that we need to get solutions to the issues we face today and to be proactive in addressing the issues of tomorrow,” Zeigler said in a statement. “I consider this position to not be a political one, but rather one to conduct true public service. Just as I have worked to get Millheim moving forward and being a leader in the county regarding broadband access, developing solar energy and supporting working families, I pledge to do the same in Centre County Government.”

The Recorder of Deeds Office is charged with recording, preserving and reproducing legal documents related to real estate in Centre County, and acts as the agent for receiving and disbursing real estate transfer taxes.

“I will not settle for ‘just doing the job’, but act as a conduit for local municipalities to bring concerns to the county office,” Zeigler said. “We need to modernize, continually improve and strive to always be better.”

Zeigler was appointed to fill a vacancy on Millheim Borough Council in 2018 and was elected to a four-year term in 2019.

In 2022, he challenged Republican incumbent state Rep. Kerry Benninghoff for the 171st House District. That experience, he said, has led him to want to take the politics out of campaigning.

In talking with thousands of residents, he said, common themes emerged, regardless of political affiliation.

“One of them was just doing the work and doing it well. Another main concern was to ensure working folks would be taken care of properly so they can focus on thriving at their jobs and in their lives, not just surviving,” Zeigler said.

“I believe, in terms of local governance, I’ve done a great job of maintaining a strong focus on solutions and good governance. We can be and should be proactive, be able to streamline processes to save taxpayers time and money and work to build for a better tomorrow.”

Republican Joe Davidson has been recorder of deeds since 1999 and recently announced his plans to run for a seventh term.

The municipal primary election is May 16. Candidates can circulate and file nomination petitions beginning Feb. 14. The general election is Nov. 7.

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